Evidence Manager

Download “Evidence Manager” EvidenceManager.zip – Downloaded 886 times – 27 MB

Installing March Networks Software

Note: Before installing any March Networks software be sure that your computer Anti-Virus is Deactivated and will not be reactivated after your reboot your computer. If you need Instructions to can do this please click the following link: Deactivating Anti-Virus Instruction

Extract and Install Instructions: Evidence Manager

File Extraction Process:

  1. Find the EvidenceManager.zip file located under your Downloads folder (Example C:\users\username\downloads\EvidenceManager.zip)
  2. Right click over EvidenceManager.zip and select Extract All if using the original Windows Unzip  or select Extract files if you are using WinRAR, after the pop-up window appears click OK (This will take a minute to extract the files, ones that is complete the pop-up window will disappear)
  3. Find the EvidenceManager folder created under your Downloads folder during the Extract files process (Example C:\users\username\Downloads\EvidenceManager)
  4. Double click the EvidenceManager folder and then double click again on the EvidenceManager folder that contains the Installation Files (Example C:\Users\username\Downloads\EvidenceManager\EvidenceManager)

Installation Process:

1. Right click the Setup.exe file that has the first letter Capital and select Run as administrator. See the Example below:

2. When the User account control windows appears and ask if you allow the software to make changes in your computer select Yes.

3. On the welcome installation window click Next.

4. Then Click Yes – On Software License Agreement.

5. Complete with your information and then click Next.

6. Click Next Again.

7. If using ESM select Yes.

8. Insert Your ESM Address:
If your store is under ESM-A insert: mnms-dun1.marchnetworks.com
If your store is under ESM- B insert: mnms-dunb1.marchnetworks.com

9. Let the progress bar disappear by it self. (Do not stop this process).

10. Click Finish to complete the Installation.

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