QTimer® Drive Thru Management System

Time is Money
It’s time to get real about your drive-thru. Real fast. Your business depends on it.

QTimer® is the leading real-time drive-thru management system from HyperActive Technologies® and is the ultimate tool for the quick-service restaurant (QSR) drive-thru looking to shave seconds off their drive-thru.

Get with the flow. The QTimer® ability to follow the flow of vehicles in a drive-thru and be integrated with the POS system gives quick-service restaurants unprecedented knowledge and control over their stores.

QTimer® is one of the most innovative real-time drive-thru management systems in the world. It can easily integrate with more than 30 point of sale (POS) systems and continues to be the industry’s fastest growing drive-thru solution. Its fluid integration with point-of-sale systems provides valuable insight to menu items, order size, out of stock items and speed issues that may be causing slowdowns in the restaurant’s drive-thru.

Take Control of the Wheel. The drive-thru management system’s actionable information allows for immediate drive-thru improvements. All data and operational intelligence are available on a virtual, real-time basis, not only in the store, but also for above-store reporting, which helps eliminate administrative work. When you need the right kind of metrics to run your restaurant correctly, you need QTimer® – the most advanced drive-thru management system on the market.

Adapt to Changing Customer Patterns. Quick-service restaurants depend on HyperActive Technologies’ QTimer® to improve profits and increase customer satisfaction. By providing unparalleled visibility into your quick-service restaurant’s drive through operations, QTimer® can help you increase profitability by advancing your speed-of-service and order accuracy all along helping operators rapidly adapt to changing customer patterns.

The QTimer® difference. QTimer® is the most comprehensive, real-time drive-thru management system on the market. Because of its real-time POS integration, each car is matched with an order number to enable measurement of multiple drive-thru service points simultaneously.

Brilliant Technology. Intuitive, brilliant display uses easy-to-understand visual queues that are unmatched in the industry, including day part service times right on the dashboard to allow you to track and compare drive-thru performance toward goals.

Know What You Need Now. QTimer® offers customizable reports and network accessibility and above-store reporting makes data available via PC or Smartphone.

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