Loss Prevention Services

1EZ Solution provides loss prevention service that will periodically observe and analyze your live and pre-recorded store security video footage in order to identify fraudulent activity and violations to company/industry standards.

The purpose of this program is to collect evidence of employee actions that are not following company policy and/or industry standards so our customers may act on it.

Upon enrollment, you pay nothing else unless 1 EZ Solution – Loss Prevention Service provides documented video/image evidence showing an employee engaging in a fraudulent activity, violation to store/company policy or industry standards.

Fraudulent actions are those where money is being diverted or not collected as it should based on the footage observed with the existing store camera coverage. Such as:
• Ringing lesser value items than those delivered to customers
• Not ringing items or ringing less items than those delivered to customers
• Improperly voiding or deleting items through the Point of Sale (POS) equipment
• Consuming or taking items without paying for them
• Giving products away

Standards violations are those where more training may be needed (as they may affect the business’ bottom line). Such as:
• Applying discounts incorrectly (according to the Seniors, Police and Employees discount policy)
• Share register drawers or use a terminal not signed under the employee’s name
• Inappropriate cash management
• Food safety violations
• Use of cell phones /text messaging while behind the counter in the presence of customers
• Incorrect use of uniforms (complete uniform must be worn at all times including a hat and name tag)
• Willful or careless destruction or damage to company assets or to the equipment or possessions of another employee
• Disorderly conduct
• Threats or other acts of violence / aggression made toward other person or employees

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