HME – EOS-HD Digital Headset System

New, Unmatched Clarity for Your Drive-Thru A new technology from HME is storming the drive-thru industry. All new EOS | HD with HD Audio brings with it a dramatic improvement in sound clarity like you’ve never heard before. With HD Audio, the whole drive-thru conversation is dramatically improved. The unmatched …

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QTimer® Drive Thru Management System

Time is Money It’s time to get real about your drive-thru. Real fast. Your business depends on it. QTimer® is the leading real-time drive-thru management system from HyperActive Technologies® and is the ultimate tool for the quick-service restaurant (QSR) drive-thru looking to shave seconds off their drive-thru. Get with the …

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Surveillance Systems

Video security systems provide real-time and archived images that are crucial in today’s business. 1EZ Solution works to provide you with the best solution for your facility. Specializing in fast-food and retail stores, 1EZ Solution can integrate its DVRs with your POS(s) and drive-thru timers to capture customer transactions. This …

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